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We can help you recruit education agents from over 25000+ education agent subscribers in 181 countries worldwide with a website profile on Education Agent Partnerships website.


The Education Agent Partnerships website has over 25000 education agent subscribers and is used by agents to find partnerships with education institutions.


Our design team will publish a profile for your approval which may be updated at any time.


The profile will include the following: You may view some of the clients we are currently working with below:


  • Details of your school, college or university
  • Courses offered
  • Images
  • Youtube presentation
  • Contact details
  • Dedicated contact form
  • An invitation to agents to contact you
  • Logo and except introducing your profile on the home page


Why not view some of the clients we are currently working with: Agent Partnerships

For a limited period when you order the database we can offer you a Free Newsletter insertion- the Agent Partnership newsletter is sent out to over 25000 education agents in 181 countries (normal cost USD $299 per insertion).  (View Current Issue)


You may book online above or contact us if you require further details about our Education Agent Partnerships website.